Empire State Human

Since I was very young I've realised
I never wanted to be human size
So I avoid the crowds and traffic jams
They just remind me of how small I am
Because of this longing in my heart
I'm going to start the growing art
I'm going to grow now and never stop
Think like a mountain, grow to the top

Tall, tall, tall, I want to be tall, tall, tall
As big as a wall, wall, wall, as big as a wall, wall, wall
And if I'm not tall, tall, tall, then I will crawl, crawl, crawl
Because I'm not tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall

With concentration my size increased
And now I'm fourteen stories high at least

Empire State Human, just a born kid
I'll go to Egypt to be the pyramids

Brick by brick
Stone by stone
Growing till he's fully grown

Fetch more water
Fetch more sand
Biggest person in the land

By Human League @ Reproduction